Grillo G85d To-hjulstraktor, R300D AE m. el-start


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    Grillo G85d

    The Grillo G85d is an appropriate walking tractor for working in horticulture, orchards, vegetable plots and for gardening in medium-sized and large areas.

    It is fitted with a 4 speed- gearbox with gears in oil-bath, with 2 forward and 2 reverse gears. The differential lock comes as a standard feature. Due to the several safety devices it is fitted with, this walking tractor can be safely used. Thanks to the possibility to reverse the handlebar through 180°, a lot of front and rear-mounted attachments can be connected to the machine, such as: rotary tiller, sickle bar, all purpose flail, snow thrower etc. via either a flanged coupling or through a quick coupling for which no tools are needed.

    A plough kit is available too and includes larger wheels, adjustable extensions, a 180° turn-wrest plough and wheel weights.

    To achieve a greater stability on slopes, it is possible to widen the wheel track up to maximum 25 cm by using fixed or adjustable wheel extensions.

    Motor: Rato R300D

    Start: Recoil starter and electric with 12V battery

    Supply: Fuel

    Displacement: 301 cc, 1 Cylinder

    Power: 8.2 HP (6 kW)

    Air cooled

    Dry air filter


    Transmission: With oil bath gears

    Gearbox: With clutch engagement. The walking tractor version has 2 forward gears + 2 reverse gears. The sickle bar version has 2 forward gears + 2 reverse gears

    Reverse gear unit: By lever

    Clutch: Conic active

    Standard rotary tiller: Adjustable rotary tiller with x 4 tines. Working width 580 mm

    Hoes system diametre: 32 cm

    Working width: Adjustable at 370 and 470 mm (680 mm with extension kit cod. 929112)

    Working depth: 16 cm

    Item no. standard rotary tiller: 984511

    P.T.O.: 965 rpm independent of the gearbox. Clockwise rotation for the walking tractor version, anticlockwise rotation for the sickle bar version.

    Differential locking: Differential with locking device by lever on the handlebar

    Available tyres: Pneumatic wheels tractor 4.00-8 (fixed disks), 4.00-10 (adjustable disks) and 5.00-10 (adjustable disks). Pneumatic wheels tractor 5.00-12 (adjustable disks) for plough kit. Wide steel wheels having diameter 40 x 10 cm. Pneumatic wheels garden 20x10.00-8 (extensions cod. 937112 needed)

    Speed: With 4.00-10 wheels 1st gear 1,2 km/h, 2nd gear 3,0 km/h

    Service brake: Brake drum (kit upon request cod. 978111)

    Handlebar: Height and side adjustment. Fitted on anti-vibration blocks

    Safety devices: Active clutch, reverse speed – PTO cut-out

    Weight: Weight: standard version 127 kg

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